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Everything Is Relative…

My father’s most often repeated statement was “everything is relative” – basically saying that everything in life can be compared to things that are better or worse – bigger or smaller – more valuable or less valuable – a spectrum of possibilities and options to choose from and compare.

From a demographic perspective, Tarboro and Edgecombe County residents are considered by some standards to be less educated, poor, and rural. On the other hand, people who move here from other parts of the world often discover something entirely different.

They find a community that has an amazing number of talented and artistic individuals whose knowledge and wisdom can’t be found in books and formal education. They find people who have traveled the world, coming back, not to gloat about their good fortune, but to share those experiences as a way of giving back. They find an area that regards its history and heritage as its greatest asset.

Tarboro is a place where the older people, the older homes, the older customs are not destroyed or rejected, but rather treasured as a guide for a better future.

For some, this might sound like a poor excuse for living. For some it might not have the shopping, entertainment and culture of the big city. For some, it’s just rural, less educated and poor.

But for those who live here, it’s all very relative.

As the holiday season approaches, please think about shopping small. Small towns and small stores need your patronage. For them, your choice to make a single purchase can make a big difference.

Remember, everything is relative.

In Tarboro, pleae visit these local businesses either online or in person -

While holiday shopping in Downtown Tarboro, please stop by these & other Main Street Merchants and local businesses -

Addie’s Main Street Cafe

Roberson Dupree Shoes

Rex’s Jewelers

Sand and Sugar

Brewer’s Jewelry


Above & Beyond Antiques

Simmons Furniture


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